Learn how companies are hiring hard-to-find experts on-demand to build high performing teams

Download this research report for detailed insights from aggregated data analysis of projects posted on Graphite. You'll learn about:

  • How the shift to remote work and hiring expertise on-demand helped firms across several industries adapt to a rapidly evolving business environment in 2020

  • The trends in hiring of on-demand expertise in specific industries and corporate functional teams

  • Specific examples on how leading companies are addressing capacity and capability gaps by hiring expertise on-demand

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Sneak peek image for 2021 State of On-Demand Hiring Graphite Research Report

Here's a sneak peek at some of the insights you'll gain from the report:

  • How supply chain challenges across several industries inspired companies to spend 351% more YoY to address capability and capacity gaps in their teams
  • Why consumer goods companies were amongst the biggest spenders in hiring expertise on-demand, while (unsurprisingly) travel and hospitality firms slashed spend by 97% YoY
  • And similar such insights to help you build high-performing teams in 2021

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