To address the challenges that today's uncertain environment poses, enterprise leaders have traditionally turned to management consulting firms, staffing firms, and full-time employees. However, these solutions can be time-consuming, costly, and lack flexibility.

On-demand talent has come to the rescue and empowered enterprise leaders to overcome their most challenging business problems with ease. By adopting a flexible and cost-effective model, they hire highly skilled independent experts on demand.

Join us in this engaging webinar featuring Ludwig Pierre Schulze, Managing Partner at Alumni Ventures, and Vikram Ashok, Founder and CEO of Graphite. Get ready to learn:

  • The driving forces behind the rising demand for independent talent and what lies ahead

  • Why enterprises have increased their spending on independent talent by an impressive 52% YoY

  • Real-life examples of how enterprise  leaders have achieved their business goals by hiring independent experts on demand


Featured Panelists

Ludiwig P Schulze photo headshot

Ludwig Pierre Schulze

Managing Partner, Alumni Ventures

Ludwig has been on all sides of venture — as an entrepreneur, corporate buyer of start-ups, and venture capitalist. These days, he is on the venture side of the table with Alumni Ventures, a $1.2B cross-sector and stage group investing in >300 companies per year. At AV, Ludwig manages funds seeking to build wealth for individuals in the Columbia University (116 Street Fund) and Brown University (Waterman Fund) communities as well as institutional investors interested in custom venture portfolios.

Before Alumni Ventures, he experienced the daily realities of entrepreneurship as the Founder and CEO of a mobile payments venture that served over 12 million people. Before that, he built a wealth of experience at Nokia and Boston Consulting Group. He has a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Columbia. He lives in NYC with his wife and 2 teenagers.

Vik Headshot

Vikram Ashok

Founder & CEO, Graphite

Vik is the Founder and CEO of Graphite, a technology platform enabling seamless access to the world's best independent talent. Graphite connects Fortune 1000 companies and investment firms with a pool of 9,500+ independent consultants for on-demand work. 

Prior to founding Graphite, Vik was a private equity investor at Quilvest Capital Partners, a multi-family office with $36B under management. He has a BS in Applied Mathematics from Columbia. 

Vik resides in Oakland CA with his wife. Outside of work, Vik enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing guitar, traveling to national parks, and exploring the natural beauty of the Bay Area.

About Graphite

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